Meet and Greet the Team at our writer’s lounge (Admin)

Whether you’re joining us as a reader from Writing 101, another of the BloggingU courses, previous alumni or the general blogosphere, welcome 🙂

For now, I’m referring to this blog as ‘the writer’s lounge’ as it doesn’t yet have a group blog title. We’re not in a rush to decide such things.

I’m one of a core group of founding members (from Writing101) for this establishing collaborative group. At the moment I’m Admin for this blog, but as an establishing group, keen on the core principles of collaboration including group decision-making, so maybe things will change in future. In a way it’s an online experiment in collaborative potentials.


A special welcome to members of our evolving Team and group:

Usual BloggingU / Commons type guidance, rules and principles apply here. Please ensure public posts are suitable for general audience – anything else can be pass-word protected if you write for those other types of audience. You are responsible for making your own back-up copy of your work as not all errors of deletion can be retrieved by Admin, particularly if they occur during your drafting process.

Please ensure that if you have a particular copyright inclination that you state this on your post. Also please be sure to cite any reference material, accredit sources and even a further reading suggestion or useful links if you have some.

I hope to assure you that your draft or published post will not be interfered or adjusted unless absolutely necessary and usually not before contacting you directly unless a serious issue – then it may be that it’s been made private for a quick solution while we discuss necessary action.

While you are actively using your group author access you will not be removed. Everyone joining as a contributor or author has seven to ten days to make their first post following acceptance of their invitation – a Meet and Greet post of your own would be nice perhaps, or anything else you’d like to surprise us with nicely. You might just like to try the experience with a one-off post to celebrate writing101 achievements, take part in an event that doesn’t fit with your blog, or might like to join in the group project for longer.

There’s no pressure other than the first post rule(s) – it’s first come first served at the moment,same as any other writer’s lounge – and it is largely a self-service venue as the core team are already quite busy.

If you’ve joined us from Writing101 and would like group author access to create and publish your own posts within this writers group blog, please use the contact form on the main top of page menu. I should reply within 48 hours, hopefully sooner. You can also reach me in the Commons for the next few days while it’s still open for posting.

If you would like to be invited but will be unable to post within seven to ten days, then request your invitation, but postpone accepting it until ready to manage that deadline. Your invitation will be kept open for one month.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope this post helps you understand this blog’s aims. Cheers 🙂


3 thoughts on “Meet and Greet the Team at our writer’s lounge (Admin)

    • Yup it’s gone forum style. I was avoiding that and preferred it before but this is how the theme’s designed to be used if that box for front-end editing is ticked. I didn’t realise it wouldn’t have an untivk option. Guess I could remove theme then reapply it to return to previous style but problems with titles that way. Leaving it as is for now. Some pute/network housekeeping to do, seems I’ve not been noticing some important issues while ill. Never mind, we all get there in the end! Hope things are better with you and yours. Thanks for dropping by Sarah 🙂


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