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welcome post

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(it’s now very unoriginal but)

I really must write something here…

It was a fabulous four weeks with Writing101: Finding Daily Inspiration –

It’s looking a little quiet around here at the moment but might get busier later. We’re not officially open yet but preparations are well underway for a reunion sometime in the future!

In the meantime we’re hosting a weekend/week-long link-up party for sharing of a favourite post from writing101 (how about one of your own and one of someone else’s?) There’ll be another next weekend. There’s also a short post you can use as a prompt if you like (I will be…) and news of a Prompt Stomp event hosted by another of our co-learners.


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8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. i’ll not make excuses for the appearance of quietude nor the arrangement of empties (to look busy) and behind our closed doors… something will happen here soon enough, even if it’s govt.shutdown! Flip! keeep an open mind 🙂 yes ma’m!


  2. Sorry I’m delayed sharing my links (the time warp struck!) My posts for writing101 are scattered about a bit and some were pages not posts. Here’s a page I liked making : https://colettebates.wordpress.com/bloggingu-writing101-finding-daily-inspiration/day-10-virtual-coffee-date/
    Deciding someone else’s post to share is difficult because there have been so many.that I really enjoyed. i’m going with one I found in the commons this week that captured some things I could really relate to:https://writefulmind.wordpress.com/2015/10/04/a-day-in-the-life/


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