Recreation Room – a writer’s showcase (re: reblogging welcome)

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At least for a limited time*, guest authors are welcome to showcase a blog post or few each week from their own blogs by reblogging them here. We understand this may be the best way for you to take part as a guest author – we all have limited time and other demands. If you prefer only making new writing on your own blog and reblogging to the showcase here, that’s still a great way to participate in this project.

Reblogging a post you’re really proud of would be a great way for writing101 classmates to meet up now and then. In a few days time the Commons closes and it’s a small way of continuing a sense of community and maybe obtaining feedback. It’d be nice if you tell us a little extra something in the comment part at the top of your reblog. You might also prefer to turn likes and comments off on the reblog here so that you receive them at your post, or you might choose to leave them on. Entirely up to you.

*limited time eg a month, dependant on take-up and usage, bearing in mind that currently this is a free WordPress blog with limited space. Our collaborative writer’s group project here may also be time limited to 4 to 6 weeks, it’s still very early days and flexible…


2 thoughts on “Recreation Room – a writer’s showcase (re: reblogging welcome)

  1. Reblogged this on Snailzpace Daily and commented:
    My test visit is postponed until mid-week or so, sorry for delay. Reblogging to answer one of your questions and share – and to say Congrats on your 40th guest blog of ‘Quotes from writers born this day.’ My little local writers group are using some of them for writing excercise prompts and even for reading and research prompts! Well done for keeping it going, carry on…


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