Unexpected – a collaborative poem (Writing 101)

Just testing what a reblog looks like here with one of our writing101 collaborations. This was an unusual DP prompt and contributions from my classmates were excellent. It was good fun and we’ll maybe do some again at some future point.

The Wishing Well

A collaborative poem written by writing101 participants between 23rd September and 2nd October 2015. Special Thanks to Sonya, Sarah, Megan and Stu for contributing verses.


He tried to hit me with a forklift
– A blessing in disguise: 
When I opened up his presents
I could not believe my eyes.

He tried to hit me with a forklift!
so I raised on high my spoon –
he was blinded by reflection,
though only temporarily doomed.

He was drunk, under the influence
and couldn’t drive in a straight line.
Although his fine was heavy
he should have really got some time!

He tried to hit me with a forklift.
He thought he was the hulk.
He got a hernia trying to lift it –
Now he can only sulk.

He tried to hit me with a forklift
But I crouched down just in time.
His fist will not…

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3 thoughts on “Unexpected – a collaborative poem (Writing 101)

    • Glad you like it, bit concerned about abrupt end, but not necessarily a bad thing – i added a line of ~~~ under my other text. i’ll probably add tags in the organiser for reblogs without going into drafts, so they’re searchable by type, unless the reblogging author does it. Stu, one of contributors, is doing a guest author test for me later to check a couple of things for me – but his access will be removed after testing. (he did some 1017201 courses earlier in year, but not this w101). Just so you’re aware he’s temorary 🙂


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