I believe… (a reblog test is in order to…)

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…my future looks…

Image via unsplash.com Image via unsplash.com

I believe my future looks as rosy as the lens through which I view my life today, tomorrow,

those far distant tomorrows beyond and out of reach. I’d like to plan

my future as if a garden: sow the seeds, nourish and nurture, tend and mow.

Cut back weeds and watch my garden grow. Dig the earth and yield sufficient harvest then

to sustain living once again. I’d like for flowers there to thrive

to bloom and blossom, spring through life, gift nectar for the flutterbies

and through all these days and all these nights live life like song, full harmonised.

A very quick draft, needs some reworking, response to writing 101 day 20 assignment (and with poetry in mind!)

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