Sh~~hopefully~~thinking about shortly

Blogger's World!

Shall I smile?

Should so perhaps – but then and now,

shambollical shoddy shopping again

comes to mind.

But not to warning some of hoaxes

leaves hopes and blossoms

not so precocious.

unCertainty is never dimmed.

Stand strong through all. My latest verse is…

(not LOL no threats just love and peace Man! Only true humans universals)

{including myself, of course! #poetry101 #blogging101}

I’m nott adding my pic here just yet but i have one when i find what i did with my camera again! but when it is here… #shutterbug showcase

Copyright 2016 Colette Bates, [ARR inc WordPress]

(written Live Online, 16:24 internet time, 3rd Decembre 2016

pardon my sh~notV

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2 thoughts on “Sh~~hopefully~~thinking about shortly

    • hi Sarah. Dunno what’s gone on with site settings here at swishy but margins have gone awry and comment settings seem to have been altered. i’m not well enough at mo with poor concentration to try and fix things. Might wait until I can find where in my bedroom I too safely hid my debit card and get round to paying for premium plan on this one so we can embed vids and stuff and practise curating content with full toolkit. Maybe it’s just cos I’m still on freebie plan or maybe it’s WordPress funsters happiness engineering again. never mind, hopefully I’ll catch up with you again soon. Happy holidays, hopefully 🙂


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