Sunday best or day of rest?

Just a short post via mobile phone while wifi down for maintenance! Checking the data appetite too, quite shocking how so little uses so much! Sparing some thought for those online who only ever manage with very limited access.

I’ve been thinking some more around those early lessons mentioned previously. In pre-yeOlde English times ‘pray’ meant ‘please’; ‘pray be’ meant ‘please be yourself’- as in one’s natural self, with no airs and graces. How we arrived at ‘praise be…’ is another contorted tale to explore in private another time and place. Apparently the english with fairies atop plastic trees could be more offensive than any four letter folk innit word. Lore! Long linger lingo- we all need to dwell a little on our roots and play more nicely between us all if there’s ever to be hope of multicultural respect in a humane global community.

Anyway, I’d better behave or I might never be allowed to post again however bloomin’ much it’s costing me. (ISP probably or just my slacking on basic tasks and overhyped cyberattack hoaxes in the news to scare us all silly some more!)

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