Reblog: another way of thinking about books

My intro: I don’t usually get into reading about books, reviews and the like, but happening across this blog in the reader today and paying a quick visit, I really appreciated a browse there and this post was really enjoyable to read. I’m rubbish at book reviews so I don’t even try them, though I probably should have to at some point in my learning journey. Maybe this wholesome post will help me use my loaf better when thinking about books (or other texts/types of writing). Among others, I also really liked a post about long sentences: there’s a great example quoted from Dickens and I would have loved to answer the call to action at the end of that post, but, at my age, how the Dickens can I ever hope to remember any sentence at all from any novel I ever read? Even if I only just put the book down I’d struggle with that BUT I will be bound to be looking out for one and jotting a note next time I see a long sentence that I really adore enough to consider returning an answer to that question. And the post below may suggest bread but it really is about books but you have to go read it for yourself 🙂

NB: image and quote below reblogged from The World is Quiet Here

When I was younger I adored the flavour of brown bread, eating it at breakfast and using it for sandwiches. But for some unknown reason, as I’ve grown up I started eating more white bread, so much more that I don’t actually eat brown bread anymore. In truth, I hate it… But this is besides the point […]

via White Bread or Brown Bread? — The World is Quiet Here


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