Leaving lists for another day?

Brainstorming for lists to make in the future:

  1. being a female, all things predominantly PINK
  2. things I need help with (and sources of help)
  3. all the different types of plant in my garden
  4. all the small creatures to be spotted in and around my garden
  5. incidental sounds in any five or ten minutes
  6. highlights of the week/month
  7. memorable news items of the week/month
  8. ten ways to save money
  9. easy cooking and baking ideas
  10. places to go this summer (or next)

There, that’s my way of avoiding making a list – I’ve been procrastinating on this task all day – although I’ve started listing reading links privately this week already and earlier made a list of you tube videos I distracted with while delaying. So, I made a list, but that’s not promising to actually make or post those lists, it was just for the brief excercise 🙂

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