Another delay (or just going nowhere, from A to B)

As I’m retaking this writing practise, having last travelled here about, virtually, 18months ago, I have to hope I’m not repeating myself. Not wanting to fall under past influences, i haven’t looked back to check my response times however many and won’t be going there till after this particular itinary is completed. It’s really tempting to try and make some kind of ‘story’ from the prompt, but i’m not in the right timeframe, out of practise by about forty years and I’ve no idea when that writing fiction moment will happen itself along. So:

Maybe I’ll call this ‘Part 1’ while it stands in for ‘Part 2’, inspired by this visual segment from this #everydayinspiration task 4 image prompt selected from this unsplash pic


Each and every’s

step marked in and out of time

capturing footage…

survey’s glance is cast

and sh’ed and classified NOW

and then in passage…


marching mismatching pairings

around and again

startle in comparisons

return, repeat and return.


(original poetry, from me, here and now, 5th march)

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