Incidental CHOICEs















(isn’t it tempting to add ©2017, ColetteB./ because yes, they are my original reflections but aren’t they ONLY words and pictures…)

NB: the photos in the jpg from that particular blog was using only stock images from unsplash and pixabay, so those aren’t my own artwork, nor is the blog’s visual theme* layout nor my notepad textfile and MSPaint frames my intellectual property to copyright BUT I have appropriated those into my practise of play and learning notes and some people might agree, or not, that this is art in the making.

The acrostic poem is definitely mine, but language belongs to us all. [I’ve been learning a bit about Cid Corman and Larry Eigner and others, thanks #ModPo.] That reminds me, lunch and I’m late with CC and Frank O’Hara’s being kept waiting too! Double-dating! Who says one doesn’t have any choice? Here I made more than two!

ALSO please be aware I do not take advantage of others in my play and learn activities and while I have some interest in appropriation and FAIR USE, I also believe in respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Cheers, have a happy Sunday, hopefully 🙂

PS – don’t be worried about my eating habits, the text file in the screenshot is from just over a year ago and I’m eating better than that just recently – it wasn’t for poverty as such, while normal food quotas bought with intention of eating stored up. I was just a poorly squirrel…


*note: theme shown in the screenshot at top of post is the homepage view of Boardwalk, a free theme from – the posts and pages individually look a bit like some of the others, TwentyTen or one of them perhaps, though of course, customisation and individual choices can make a lot of difference to the look and feel of a blog. I’m really fascinated by the way themes affect content choices and even inspire different types of creative urge. I’m still a babysilversurfer in the blogosphere and a social media snail, bit of a slow-learner, learning by doing, IT all makes no sense otherwise.

I don’t have a masterplan to work to but i have a vague -bit-s’wishy-2020 vision to maybe try and get something together for once and for all before retiring 🙂

Oh dear, when life is all about retirement, yes doesn’t IT affect us all!


One thought on “Incidental CHOICEs

  1. learning by doing YES ! I enjoyed my visit here via library on a Real computer, had seen the post on phone, after quick d/l of reader access, which left zero pictures but i read the post twice now. Do i get a prize? Just kidding


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