Er what to call this testthing – why?

This anonymous guest has asked me to test my podcast audiofile upload functionality here at sWishingUp…

NB: SWEARING! content warning for everyday English as the natives all use expletives in common speech and it is NOT considered ‘bad language’ but real native Englishness has been victim to demonisation for centuries.

Do I need to add contextual information and source links? Maybe! blimey, more post-postwriting for a todo list then!

It seems to have uploaded with ZERO CONTENT… so WordPress will take my audiofile and what? CENSOR my personal content OR I have to pay Premium for a personal passing time blogging and PRETEND to be a professional with only bedbound blogging activity! You have to be F-ing kidding.

So, TASK LIST #6m6s6march2017:

  • write a transcript OR
  • buy a NEW blog for passing time and learning how to multimedia AND
  • get destituted by a bogus British holocaust for purchasing a simple blogfunctional BASICALLY PERSONAL plan at an overpriced PREMIUM cos there’s so many SCAMMERS freeloading and swipestering AND they can all carry on ripping off the Tax Office and the State cos they all got LOADSA dosh enough to get away with ANYTHING innIT and some of us will just have to DIE as long as someone somewhere suffers and pays the price! AAAAAH!

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