Hook line and sinker…

“It’ll all come out in the Wash”…

… or maybe you’d know it better as…

“It’ll all come out in the wash”

… now, the first one, i could be quoting my mother, myself, or any other East anglian resident. (Where we  have to put up with agricultural chemicals, pollutants from a chemical factory and foul water – as well as all the fluoride and shit they put in it to make it so called ‘safe’ – and referring also to a large proportion of England’s sewage returning to the north Sea –  i don’t actually live there anymore but it’s still my hometown there too!).

(since when does ‘anglian’ need a capital letter mrspellchecker! bloomin tellin’ english people how a word like ‘anglian’ should be represented… rant removed!)

The second could also be quoting almost anyone…

…refers to laundry I ‘spose. That can kind of go funny squalid colours too.

Both have so many potential meanings I can’t be bothered with explicating right now.

Actually, i used quotes some already in previous posts and today, elsewhere. i’m kind of wearing myself out without managing to spread myself thin. ThickeENiNG maybe. Still in thinking Tuesday Trivia at BW but thank goodness i didn’t promise to do one!

I dunno if I can even bother finding an image – oh yeah, here’s one I made earlier – quite a while ago actually, being lazy, i’ll just use that one – though the quote on it is a different one and I can’t remember if it fits the post. Don’t think it really matters. i just gotta throw this one out of the way with some more of my original rubbish(!) Oops! apologies Taylor Hawkins for associating a quote attributed to your good self  with a word like ‘rubbish’!(from brainyquotes, being lazy at the time)…


I should make some more of these kinds of things [from non-attrbtxn stock photo] but i keep messing about with silly stuff instead and having to drag myself back to normality with things like this fantastic internet music radio show from https://www.mixcloud.com/david-snape/this-week-2017-special-2-hours-of-music-as-part-for-self-discovery-radio/ [and hope Mr David Snape doesn’t mind the mention while I’m only making a rubbishy first draft kind of post and can’t be doing with finding the polish for it – I’ll have to send in a request for some Coattail Riders and whatever Nate Mendelsohn’s band was called cos they were both a fantastic listen and i lost my password for wassitcalled spotify and can’t be bothered with it anymore since i pad for ages with no access and couldn’t manage cancelling my direct debit. Dunno if it’s a hassle getting internet radio licensing. Could be. Ain’t that just one of them darned things. [I had no idea Adele and whoever else did ‘Stand By Me’ – shame they made that song so drearily slowed down tho, roll on next track!] By the way, or PIL – RISE or anything else… Dweezil Zappa’s Dinosaur was an ok listen earlier too but that was on youtube, maybe not quite fivebar enough in places but i’ve got no idea how that’s meant to work either 😉




4 thoughts on “Hook line and sinker…

  1. I do enjoy free TV. Even the HDTV dinky little thing free some tenants left it behind. Ten dollars for antenna and 12 or station dependent on the wobble of the table etc. ☺


  2. Note to self to find out the name of track that ended 1h30m [i love my life] that’s such a good vibe! bit robbie williams in places maybe [gawd i’m so out of touch, not getting my radio on enough, too much same ole same ole and too many adverts on some – starting to wonder i shouldn’t bother with bbcradio till i get a tvlicense i don’t really need just for the sake of seeing if they improve the analogue transmission cos signal’s been shoddy and i get this station in that room but not in another and well… i should just go bang at a coffee jar and a tin of beans and wail about something else really 🙂 AND i keep forgetting to close my brackets all over the place!

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