testing 123, hello

Just a little visit, post to say, I hope you all enjoy reading here at what i nickname the ‘swishy’ site…..sorry CB that is just what I see when i read the name!


Well here ya go, come on over to cthisnthat.wordpress.com   or over to stc7029.wordpress.com    for This N That With Me and challenges and fun blogging ideas on the baby blog. See ya round, get blogging…………..

p/s/ I had to try all the things so sorry if i gooffed up.

5 thoughts on “testing 123, hello

    • ok thanks – i just added a SarahC tag via quick-edit in dashboard (not been in your post) This is so that when your post moves down the list from the top spot you’re clearly identified via tag in the home page display of the post list – I didn’t realise it wouldn’t be as clear so thanks for guest-post testing (if we’re making this as group blog continuation we can go back to P2 or sort a better theme and if you just want a drop-in occasionally i can just add a guestpost tag as well. No rush & no stress 🙂 lol- i’ll try and be ready to join in your challenges and pingback to your posts sometime after then.

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  1. hey you haven’t gooffed anything 🙂 i think it’s a bit wishy too so ‘swishy’ is a good nickname and i don’t mind what you nickname it (your link to your posts gone tho… it was here a mo again, prob still got it in a lingering tab… shortlink to your post at http://wp.me/p6VVUe-2t (that’s a good site link you share over there too, was just having a look, but should get back to my homework. hey, what’s the timescale-ish for your latest flowery challenge? or is it the harvest one first? i’ve not even started yet, as usual 🙂 cheers

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