space to write2


I’ve lots of pages still waiting to fill in both those notebooks – and a few others – I’m quite scatterbrained and tend to use whatever I have within easy reach… although I hoard plenty of the stuff, I don’t like unnecessary use of paper, so…


“Writing space” is usually my laptop and utilising my virtual space(s) which basically means hanging around the WordPress blogosphere mostly – handwriting is painful too soon these days and as my handwriting deteriorates quickly so does my esteem.

I keep an A4 pad for daynotes but don’t always keep up well with it and it’s not good for my esteem either most of the time. But it’s one of the necessary evils of coping with realities of disenablement because I must not be unable to provide an immediate answer to evidence ‘whatever do you do all day?’ when asked by one of the prejudiced ignoranced bigots employed by the State to destroy individual lives in order to meet their performance targets. Yes, I should be more grateful for the welfare I’m afforded but that isn’t the half of it! 

I do hope ‘they’ are improving too and it must be an awful job to do, but I can’t understand how desperate someone must be to do holocaust-type deprivation-inducing work and take the salary for it! ‘They’ tend to think there are all these so simple solutions that leave you wondering if it’s that simple why are you working here (JCP etc.)??? Beggars’ belief!


My handwriting was actually behaving for a little while today but the spider returned after that passage and walking just there and back for another coffee (second of the day), so back to scrappy notes and yes, per se, there’s nothing wrong with that but it isn’t writer’s notes i’m making most of the time because I am NOT a writer and I don’t have the cognitive or physical energy to try and BE, never mind trying to BE A WRITER 🙂 lame smile…

Lol,  so is that page sixteen today? NOPE, clearly not if you read the photo BUT (a) you might assume i MUST have done more than what it shows and (b)seems I’m not always clear or in striving to be clear I keep potentially giving the wrong impression/inference – or just being overly anxious when I look back and see sometimes it might give ‘the wrong impression’ cos clearly I said wrote THIS and that MAYBE implied… see what i mean cos I don’t write thisnthat, my blogging neighbour SarahC does! anyway, in the photo, that’s page 16 of this year’s daynotes since whenever I was able to remember to write something on paper about every day MOST DAYS… and I should just give up… but i usually will NOT… and…

I forgot to add a call to action in my w101 #everydayinspiration task6 response, so I’ll add that here and maybe try elsewhere… although I’ve been practising a call to action here and there before so could excuse myself again for taking a raincheck and using a lazy getoutclause maybe… but

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