WHY WordPress…?

Dear WordPress,

(That’s not (dear) ie. not a complaint about costs!)

How can it possibly be that while my photo has uploaded to my media library at my blog here and is inserted into a post that I’ve been updating, that it no longer appears to be in my media library?

In my dashboard, the post I’m updating has the update button locked down so I can’t update my post.

It’s as if another human is interfering with my content. That does not help MY contentMENT. As an amateur hobbyist blogger with NO current potential workability and with all the imagination on the world UNEMPLOYABLE especially from home where i am allowed NO professional activity whatsoever. That’s why even my landlord can’t do his job! (Fuck! now I’m in trouble, hey!) but actually, it’s everyone else’s excuse for not doing theirs – the police, environmental health, doctors, welfare, Framework – no-one can fulfill their professional obligations while my contract of tenancy disallows professional activity at this address. But, sadly, that’s not the reason keeping me from working. when i’m well enough and have magicked a business plan that’ll convince an investor i’m worth keeping alive for two years maybe i’ll get my self-employment together but I might even then have to manage with only SIXTEEN hours maximum homeworking time AND the way things have been going under Britain’s insidious holocaust strategy I’ll be lucky to get well enough to manage even sixteen hours a week in any kind of sustainable way. Meanwhile, prejudiced ignorant bigots (because society has been encouraging and promoting meathead tendencies) are creaming it along on the gravytrain and quite happy to condemn those they believe to be ‘benefit scroungers’ while having absolutely no idea of the facts just because once in a blue moon they see you fetching shopping or chucking a ball or kicking about in the street!

Now, WHY the hell am i being prevented from using the blog that I’ve gone and PAID for?! If editor’s or engineerys are noseying in and interfering then please tell them politely to fuck off and stick their snout in some other poor sods porridge. Cos you would not believe the stress and the negative impacts on my barely-existent wellbeing. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “WHY WordPress…?

  1. Ah I do know about invisible illnesses very much (both of us now) and even know it is to look fine or some thing and others have no clue. Any who…….gremlins need leave your stuff alone. Magic wand a new laptop for each of my neighborhood I Wish!


    • I’d wish your neighbourhood new tech too. I’m ok for mine. Wouldn;t buy another Tosh tho now I’ve seen what else they do in their business! My laptop’s only 2 years old but i wish i’d left it on Windows 8 and not upgraded. I’ve still got an as new never used 10inch tablet with keyboard to get round to setting up. Bought it as present for any one of our kids but not good enough for any of them apparently. That’s Windows 8, hoping screen’s less bright, just gotta get round to it.


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