Spring forward Foreword


The photo above was taken on Thursday. What a difference a day makes! In my previous post, snaps were taken just before midday, Friday 10th March 2017, Nottingham, UK. Skies here in the Midlands have appeared as summery as in this photo above for much of this autumn and winter.

Some days though there are atmospheric conditions I’ve never noticed prior to approx November time last year. But then I’ve been indoors much of the time, although aware of the ochre skies and increased vapour effects since the volcanic activity in 2010 (or 2009?) – and that during the last three years or so, my dog sometimes won’t want to go outside if the air seems bad quality (temporary phases) and is then very quick about her necessaries and getting back inside. The first rains that fell in November dispersed what looked like green spruce debris – i collected some in a bowl as if it were holy water – and of course all clean rainwater IS holy water – at least that’s what the man from the church of England told us in school when we were about five or six, maybe older, it can be difficulty placing some memories accurately in longpast timelines – anyway, sometime before bad political influence took the country by storm with the Thatcher government.

The air quality this morning must be poor as my dog’s decided not to set a paw outside, turning her nose up by the door, retreating into our scullery (kitchen) and pretending she’s done her goodstuff with her ‘i’ve been good’ dance circles, not quite chasing her tail… so the photo below is the same view from and through the door mid-morning today…


I’ve heard on local radio this morning that we can expect the beginning of the week to be slightly warmer and back to sunny skies, returning to the likelihood of rain by the end of the week. So SkywatchFriday photos are likely to be quite mundane while the weather interferes in such miserable ways and even as a general rule for a while 🙂

As for visible changes… There are sometimes large filmy cellular shapes visible in the air (sounds mad, i know!) and other times there’s some kind of particle dust. Yesterday morning the skies were a heavy grey again but behind the dense grey air was a thin wash of sickly urine-colour yellow. I didn’t stay out to take photos and they wouldn’t have caught the higher altitude wash of putrid whatever anyway (I didn’t notice any ill effects of being outside but unwell anyway and the feeling of intensely negative ions like icy fingers through warmer air is a bit uncomfortable).

I don’t know if i should believe the news story about experimental drilling into volcanoes in Iceland(!) The safe mains gas appliances being used in neighbouring houses cause an odour I can smell inside my own house and the vapour from their gas flues appears very similar to those grey clouds in the sky. I’m totally  boycotting gas while they’re fracking for shale and causing wars like in Ukraine and blaming Russia and whoever ELSE for everything under the sun. (I don’t really have any viable gas appliances anyway).

The birds are clearly in distress while flying during these dense skies, avoiding things in the air and staying very low. The skies are maybe clearing now, but yesterday seemed to remain grey for the duration. There have been some improvements in air pollution safety announcements on local radio stations, warning parents and carers to keep babies and toddlers undercover while journeying during poor air quality days.

I only managed to get round less than 40 of the #skywatchFriday posts last week and commenting was totally problematic even at the very few WordPress blogs taking part. I s’pose I could’ve used my languishing blogspot site but don’t really find it intuitive or user-friendly for not practising the technology there enough. And it might make not much difference for trying to leave comments anyway. Getting 30-page views there at the other place without doing anything other than post, so via the random blog viewing thingy, doesn’t really appeal while I’ve got no vision of how I want my blog over there to develop. So that one’s on a very slow going nowhere, until I’m well enough to manage learning how to use it better. Hopefully sometime whenever. It’d be good for driving traffic possibly, when there’s something worth driving traffic to(!) – but that’s not really a good reason for making a blog …

Anyway, on Friday i got myself out and around for a small stroll before noon struck and got a few snaps a bit further afield than my own doorstep. I’ll maybe gather a timeline range of photos together another time. Maybe by the end of march and our own Springing forward with British Summertime. I’ll enjoy trying to follow the schedule for doing a #skywatch post every Friday but unless and until I get out a bit further, they’ll often be the same or similar views, but it’s always different skies however similar they sometimes appear.

I got some great snaps of my fence too but dunno about joining in a good fences meme cos mine are a bit of an excuse for an art installation after our recent ‘storm Doris’… and there are only so many different ways to take photos of my same fence, so I’ll stick with the sky for now 🙂

Let me know if you’re a regular skywatcher – I’d love to see recent / current skies from your part of the world. I can only hope for those around the world devastated by disasters for whom, perhaps, the sky really has seemed to be falling down . I hope you do still have good skies and breathable air quality and everything else that should be every human’s right while we are guardians of this beautiful planet we call Earth.

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