Dear ideal reader

Welcome! Special thanks if you’re a returning visitor – well, special thanks to anyone taking time to read here ever! Very special thanks again to SarahC for returning to help test the guest/group blogging functions and for consistent support and encouragement. I don’t know how long I’ll leave Sarah’s post stickied at the home page but if you missed it you can find her post by clicking ‘home’. Apologies if you need me to remember html links in my posts i did write somewhere I’d integrate those but have a head like a sieve (and I don’t know html without a crib sheet reminder and gotta need to practise that too!) Hitting the ‘Home’ link takes you back to the full post index with sidebar and widgets.

Don’t feel obliged to read the more longwinded waffle further down where I’m thinking aloud really. The theme is due for a change around the end of the month after i finish my current writing 101 course (and while i retake blogging201iC on the slow). The point of this ‘letter’ post is to ask what improvements you might like to see here.  Any of these?

  1. A responsive theme? For mobile device users that would be best I think but there are some issues* around java/flash use to consider too.
  2. A full post in your reader email? Do you only get a summary of the post and have to click through to the site – does it use less data to get the whole post by email?
  3. The homepage list is compact but doesn’t clearly identify the post author – i like aspects of this theme for a personal blog but it might not be best for group blogging so…
  4. some prefer less-loud author identifier and some prefer more clear and noticeable, what do you think on that one?
  5. i prefer not to have a header here but do you think we need one for ‘visual identity’?
  6. I also prefer pages as unique content along the top. I find it a bit of a nuisance when content links are repeated from widgets all around the pageframe and like blog sites with unique page content. It allows development of content from earlier posts for instance and different types of project development within the blog space that then don’t intrude on blog posts.
  7. Any other thoughts or suggestions regarding choice of theme? Do you have any accessibility issues here that need addressing? (That should be number one on the list really!)

A couple of thoughts from my own perspective:

  1. I need a theme that allows comfort with as little light areas as possible and nice bright clean spaces are really painful at times even with my laptop brightness as low as it goes. I broke my lovely oldnow HPSlate that everyone was complaining the screen was too dark but it was perfect and now they don’t make them anymore and I’ve gotta get mine a new screen. (Why are manufacturers slowly blinding everyone by burning out their eyes?!) In the meantime I’ve got a newer old tablet to try but still getting round to setting it up.
  2. *Something with dynamic content perhaps? Although that can be a nuisance for using flash or java and in my blogging browser I allow those for individual sites if I choose to because there seem to be vulnerabilities dependent on those – only at some sites of course. In some parts of the world, readers accessing older technologies might not receive our flashy-styled blog content in anything other than old-style html or even not at all. Even things like colour choices display differently from unique devices and are dependent on individual user settings.

Earlier this month I changed this blog’s theme, just before starting the #everydayinspiration writing101 course with BloggingU from the DailyPost at WordPress. Previously I was using the P2 theme – originally using it is with a blog format – I really liked it with that ‘look’. For a while more recently, having paid for the Personal Plan, I tried sWishingUp in the forum style format. It was never the intention to make a forum-style blog but some might prefer forum-style and some of our group in our early collaborations would have preferred a professional magazine style blog for their writing. So,

However this a co-learning originated blog space and we can never please everyone but we can seek compromise to aid and support development as individuals, community and here at this blog.

One of my main interests is learning how different themes work and how the chosen theme can effect content and ideas-generation too. So, that’s why I have lots of different blogs (in this account) and a straggling blogspot,. Some years ago I left behind live-journal space – they got purged after 6months of non-use and I thought they folded but have seen one recently. I made a page on a myspace once and once upon a time managed to make a page or too on whatever google blogs were using having way before that made a page or three on homestead. Here on my WordPress shelf I’ve made several notebooks that i try and leave stored nicely but I tend to be a bit messy and some parts are gathering dust while I try and get back to normal snailzpaced routines. I’m a very slow-learner and need lots more practise and hope one day my application of web-technologies will be ‘second-nature’. I hope by then I have some better capability for self-sufficiency and can make some progress with my careering through life plan. Until then I have a lot of learning journey ahead to develop efficiency and reliable sustainability.

Anyway, this final line must just hit the 950 word mark and that’s quite overboard for dropping you a quick line requesting feedback! Have you really read this far? Wow! I should offer you a prize, do you think? I would if I could 🙂 Thanks again for reading! Truly, Colette 🙂

10 thoughts on “Dear ideal reader

    • 🙂 maybe that’s why i was quick to say you won any first prize there might ever be, cos you did get there first and claimed it in your comment… so what or when… is still a mystery 🙂


    • you can unstick a post using a switch on the right (or left) side settings panel in the improved editor while posting. Or by ticking or unticking a box using quick edit in the dashboard. Quick way into the dashboard = hit EDIT on your comment 🙂 It’s in post settings in the dashboard version too. In the P2 theme with forum style and front-end editing you can do it very easily from the main view. I’ll be looking for themes with more than one sticky post area too – and definitely responsive then and uncluttered style following your feedback 🙂 I might still use this clunky theme at one of my other blogs – trouble is there’s probably something i really like in every theme and would probably want to make a blog project in every single one if i were superhuman 🙂 They all look the same in the reader and I like that about the reader, where content is the predominant factor 🙂


    • Dunno maybe it was a sensible H.E. measure given the drafts I was preparing to post for w101. I’ll be looking at the next theme options ready to change in about a week – or you think i should make it sooner?


    • well i’d like to help you better to have more internet data but it’s a tough month with big bills and not much overdraft left to help just yet but yes you will have a mystery first prize/late birthday gift as soon as i can get one to you 🙂 I better check email then cos I forgot to check or send any yet! I think second prize and third prize will have to be virtual nothing much cos you scooped the only real prize 🙂 lol Thanks for unstickying your post – that was good timing – feel free to sticky any of your posts at any time 🙂


    • It probably uses less data to view through the reader anyway. Thanks for your email, helpful to have your thoughts, much appreciated 🙂 By the way, I assumed you’d decided to unsticky your post from home yourself but some other changes happened taht I didn’t make and only me as admin dunno how changes happened – but I wouldn’t have left it with the potential confusion with the difficult subject matter of my next writing 101 task responses anyway. We’ll check out something with more clearly identifying gravatars for the next theme change then.

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