Why is today not Mothering Sunday?

Easter observances altering our calendar is an archaic absurdity and is an annoyance!

In Britain, TODAY should have been Mother’s Day!

I am having Mother’s day TODAY and I’m not worried about not getting cards, presents or visits because my beloved mother and my sisterly best friend are no longer with us to receive theirs either. So, I am not alone. And I can’t complain because I’ve opened a small box of Christmas shortbread and a nice tin of biscuits and pigged out a little with a nice cup of real instant coffee 🙂 I’m not doing virtual coffee today either, straggling behind a bit, but no rush.

[CONTENT WARNING: Further down the page are my personal views as a female regarding abortion and morning-after contraception – and also aspects of NHS provision in the UK -you may find my opinion upsetting and in opposition to your own feelings on this difficult topic, in which case, don’t read beyond the photo – although I respect your right to have an opposite view and am open to discussion if you wish to comment.]

I refuse to acknowledge Mother’s Day on 26th March! The only thing I am celebrating on 26th March is the beginning of Summertime.

My mother would have been seventy this year and it’s a real shame we never got to do anything nice to mark an earlier big birthday if only we’d known she would be leaving us so soon. Life’s such a bitch like that, isn’t it! But we lost our friend when she was thirty-five, others at much younger ages, in their teens or early twenties and we all must know of parents who lost children before they were seven or eight. A lot of us will have recent bereavements – even nearly a year ago feels quite recent. Time flies. Still, life goes on.

Heaven is in our hearts where we carry the memory of our loved ones with us. Earth should be heavenly, if only we’d take better care of it.


I posted this photo previously at my blog, ‘The Wishing Well’. I took the photo above last year on Mother’s Day while visiting my mum at her home. I bought myself some similar flowers with one of those balloons on my way home. That was the day before she entered end of life care first in hospital, then to be neglected and abused by some of the so called nurses once she’d been moved from the hospital into a privately run NHS funded facility. I would hope to die in a pool of my own shit and piss and consider that as having more dignity in death than what I saw of so-called caring for my mum and my ‘sister’.

I could not believe how unimportant and insignificant our human rights become once we are determined ‘terminally ill’ and even as her daughter I had no rights just as my mother no longer seemed to have any. Because I lived outside of the funded area I received none of the support or counselling that was supposed to be available to relatives. A non family member managed to convince nursing staff that she had been my mother’s carer and was getting her sedated and even preventing me from having time by her bedside. My mum was distraught whenever she awoke only to be sedated again to keep her quiet.

I wouldn’t miss out on healthcare if the NHS was privatised because the NHS hasn’t been providing me with healthcare. Even when injured accident & emergency staff fail to examine injuries if told by a police officer to ‘just stitch her up’.


Even a miscarriage is a devastating loss that never truly heals. From past conversations, abortion for some seems to feel like murder both to young girls forced or coerced into killing the unborn child and to older girls and women who later question or regret their choice – and men are especially hurt by the removal of their rights as the child’s father and having no right to a say because ‘it’s the woman’s body’.

The Law allows commercial interests to override decency – an embryo and even a foetus  has commercial value for the purposes of so-called science and are raw material for experiments. I would not support continuing the excuse of allowing foetal cruelty even to reduce life-threatening disabling conditions such as the genetic condition that may end my own grandson’s life in late adolescence or early adulthood. Allowing such ‘science’ is VILE. Forever funding unnecessary and inhumane research instead of investing in care seems an abomination. (Maybe that’s a poor choice of word but I can’t be bothered to check!)

It is a LIFE from the moment a sperm hits an egg! The human race has no real need for such medical experiments and cruelty against living creatures should not be permitted. It is scientifically known that babies born of IVF are very likely to grow up to have painful disabling medical conditions but IVF is BIG business and they can’t steal enough for adoption and most couples would prefer their OWN child than to adopt. What kind of parents don’t mind deliberately bringing children into the world by artificial means to grow up and maybe experience extreme pain and suffering? Well, we all do that even by natural means, cos life’s never a bed of roses and the world is a place of such inhumanity and tremendous suffering while we all only have our own window on the world and our own experiences as the lens through which to view and reflect what it is we see, hear, feel, sense…

The Law is an ASS several times over on these subjects!

How any adult woman consenting to sex can be allowed by law to terminate a pregnancy while the other consenting partner would wish to raise the child is impossible to understand. YES, women have rights – so do men and especially so do children. We have strict rules on animal welfare and cruelty but humanity and human welfare doesn’t count?

As a mother, I was furious when my young teenage daughter was administered a contraceptive implant before the recommended age of 18 years as per the manufacturer’s recommendations in the data sheet. I was also furious when a single tetanus vaccine I’d agreed for my daughter to receive at casualty turned out to be a triple vaccine in spite of knowledge of our hereditary medical condition. That had negative impacts on my health as well as hers. Also when she was given the MMR vaccine without my knowledge or consent; That ‘catch-up vaccine’ even as a young teenager ruined her ability to study and something about her changed overnight.

How can NHS nurses claim to care when they’re so CALLOUS and ignorant about their working practise and have no mind for patient rights or human rights.

It’s pretty scary that NHS services are expected to be some kind of standard of excellence to be rolled out across the world when in my lifetime it has been inflicting insidious holocaust type impacts by deliberately devastating individuals chances of health. Of course, they’re only doing their job and having to do what they’re told to do. They aren’t allowed to be human. They mustn’t get ’emotionally-involved’. They need their pay-packet. They do not identify with or see the similarities to Holocaust. nor do a lot of people. Blinded by free vanity creams and ambulance sirens and mind-numbing drug availability or addictions to harmful but socially acceptable drugs we call medicines .

Of course, not every child received their polio vaccine directly on their tongue nor had their healthy teeth drilled and filled with great lumps of mercury amalgam or whatever but some of us have strange codes on our files and haven’t had anything much resembling healthcare. So we’re only a minority and that makes it ok. Am I genetically descended from Jews? (not that that should be a good excuse, surely!) Generations before me were unfortunately Catholic on one side of the family at least! Who else in my school year group had to put up with this shit from doctors and dentists? My siblings never got the killer-driller treatment. Was it only ever the eldest child? Was it just the girls? It’s Nazi experiments! It was HERE all along! Maybe it’s been all around the world all along? The Viennese Whirl!

At some point in time – after a girlfriend of my ‘ex-husband convinced him to poison me during my 2002 pregnancy with ‘contraceptive medicine’ that hadn’t been prescribed for me and that I didn’t know I was taking – the NHS decided to make such murderpills available over the counter. So now, any woman can walk into a chemists and obtain such poison and murder anyone else’s unborn baby just as easy! Fuck that makes me cross! Anyone needing one should see a doctor! Poisons such as morning-after contraception should be a prescription-controlled medicine! Not that it stops a cajoling twot of a cowbagbitch from doing what that doped-up-dozy-airhead bitch did for me – but WHY allow potential for murder to be so easy? If it had been a knife it would be murder and a pill is only murderous and that unborn life and the risks to my own physical health count for nothing. Still, there are people who have suffered much worse hurts, though it never makes it ok, we always have to tell ourselves, ‘it could be worse’. And we get to stay in poor housing for our concentration camp experience and maybe such good fortune should not be derided in this way as if British life for the underclasses and minorities is punishment, ethnic cleansing and deliberate government-led deprivation.

England’s just crazy these last few years – or decades – or centuries!

For goodness sake don’t follow the lead of our shit-hole country’s ‘Establishment’ whatever their business strategists try to convince your government departments of! You maybe think we’ve got it easy in the UK with free everything we need ever but everything’s about money and business and we can’t all have what their lip-service policies outline as our entitlements and rights. Anyway, you have to have health and money enough to enforce your rights. We might not wish for some of those. Everyone with money enough for legal help automatically receive their rights. Only the poor and infirm can’t always fight for theirs and governments and public service business departments have to make their cuts and meet their targets somehow.

When did we ever really leave the Dark Ages and experience any real Enlightenment?

Happy Mother’s Day. TODAY!




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