Virtual Coffee for one or tea for three (The rapist)

If I could have got off the bus that day

we could have been having coffee

and maybe we could have our say

injustices to be stopping.

The rapist is a dirty word and so’s a ‘sex offender’

Justice is a fallacy – the Law is no crime mender!

That’s why we say “all crimes are paid”

and lawyers are as bent as doughnuts

True witnesses are stalled and stayed

and falsehoods fool our judges.

The CPS don’t do their best –

justice must look good on paper –

fine in theory but put to the test

with just more circumstantial wafer.

So this is merry England where the criminals are free

to make their own arrangements for the likes of you and me.

Where history is built on fairytales and the world believes those lies

and where our hierarchies should have no damn right to criticise!

(unfinished, ©Colette Bates, Nottingham, UK drafted from notes, 13th March 2017, 14:36 – just in time for afternoon tea!)



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