If only history could be rewritten…

‘Recreate a single day…’ is one of the suggestions for task #14 (writing 101, everydayinspiration); there would be much of history I’m sure most people would wish to heal by rewriting it, if only it were possible.

They say that what you don’t know can’t hurt you. I don’t believe that for a moment. Painful honesty has to be better than falsehoods and lies. ‘Downright lies’ is another strange phrase. We have so many of them. Languages and traditions are so intriguing. We’d need how many lifetimes to gain real understanding and expertise in any one of them? That’s an impossible mission with the fluidity and ongoing development of individual and collective human tendencies.

There would be more urgent days to denote for recreations than yesterday. Nothing much happened yesterday. The highlight of my day was spending a good five minutes observing sky and small wildlife from my back door. I saw a robin with the most bright redbreast I’ve ever seen and first heard the clapperboard-style flapping of what I thought at first were pigeons but then saw they must be doves in the branches of a nearby tree. I saw the first bumblebee of the year in my garden – it looked very healthy. I could almost have rejoiced, but it seems very early. We’ve barely seen anything like winter. And the world has so very many troubles. We may never learn in our lifetimes the facts of the occurrences taking place in other places for other people. There are centuries of history where the facts are clearly so questionable. There is so much uncertainty.

Sticking with real and immediate and today I caught a snap of the first Earthworm I’ve seen in my garden this year – also a very healthy looking creature, I might share it at some later point. A small but whole flock of seagulls circled a few times above before swooping to shelter – they glinted pure silver in the sunlight as they turned. There have been gulls all winter but in ones, twos, threes. None before with this authentic looking-as-if metallic coating. There were still the occasional bee to be seen in mid-November I think it was and ladybirds turned up indoors just after New Year. These seem not good signs and signs of hope, all at once.

As much as I’m not a believer in God and not being a believer can only understand the concept of Allah as universal being and as being ALL when disassociating that concept from the western notions of God – but appreciating that God was a metaphor for good (to come of the dreadful actions of the various Guard) and I really find it disturbing the image of god we create in words when there should be no image. To find in all religions so much that is problematic and now even the hope there may have been in British humanism as an organised faith group has been destroyed by one simple representative statement in a press release. (I’d be rastafarian except i’m the wrong colour skin and can’t manage to grow dreadlocks and not ever so sure what it means and it seems a bit shoddy to align to religion for a bit of legal puff allowance!) I’ve previously, in a national census, declared allegiance to Jedi faith but then some twits started writing some kind of doctrine about what that’s s’posed to be about and there was talk of there needing to be a church of the Jedi and so it just became a ridiculous notion… It would be nice to avoid both religion and politics and get on with living as if neither thing existed. However, not if others were denied their right to choose to believe.

It was dreadful to learn yesterday that the European Court of Justice has set a precedent for employment legislation that allows employers to prohibit religious dress as ‘insignia’. However, at the time of posting, no results for this case appear to have been published by the ECJ. (Perhaps my error; BBC should be reliable information, usually, but the last few months especially have been dubious news coverage).

It’s the first time I’ve thought the UK is right then to leave the E.U., although of course that doesn’t mean we are no longer European. Europe is our continental neighbour and we belong geographically with the continent. Divorce from the political system does not alter our European-ness as English people. Individuals may choose to feel less European and more whatever sense of belonging they might feel. Maybe we don’t all feel European as English people. I would prefer to remain saying “I am an English European” and will probably insist on doing so. Politics cannot change our sense of identity, nor our cultural heritages. It can try, perhaps.

It’s ┬áincredibly worrying that our main (govt-led) news organisation reflects political agreement with that stance to disallow religious freedoms – because belief is a matter of individual choice and reasoning. If wearing a symbolic cross is important to someone of christian faith, it’s perhaps easier to tuck it away out of view and not be left feeling stripped of self. It shouldn’t be a problem, if someone wishes to wear a symbol of their faith, but clearly there may be fears of targetting individuals from one side or another. A muslim or sikh being disallowed headwear seems an atrocious abuse.

Suggesting employees insistent on retaining their natural mode of dress could perhaps be given tasks away from the public view makes a mockery of that neutrality policy! It’s ok to bend that rule if not seen by the public?

And will rasta’s be forced to have their dreadlocks shorn and buddhists forced to grow their hair? The decision seems to reflect neither neutrality nor human rights. It makes me want to look into organisation’s policies on such things and be very careful where I spend what little money I have.

We seem to be entering times more dangerous and oppressive than ever, at least in my lifetime – and socially, there seems much that is reminiscent of the teaching of history from earlier parts of the 20th century!

Germany had already reversed a ban on Muslim/Islamic headwear in their schools and that precedent seems to perhaps have now been undermined. Although it seems the final decision following the ECJ ruling lies with the national legal systems in France and Belgium to decide for their own populations. However that framework for disallowing religious freedoms as a ready-made, off the shelf  neatly packaged prejudice is quite unbelievable.

The trouble is of course that any Law passed by Europe during the two year negotiations for the U.K. to leave the political union (E.U.) could still be brought into legislative force in the UK.

While the media commentary from the BBC remarks on E.U. nationals as if that applies only to citizens from the mainland continent, the British public perhaps forget that we are still officially E.U. nationals also – and all those removals of rights look set to apply to the British in whatever political carbunkle the elitists have lined up for the population while they climb their career ladders and line their own pockets. Meanwhile, global disasters occurring seem to be being whitewashed, so to speak.

How can we choose just one day to recreate? We could perhaps all identify so very many that need righting. Writing even.

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