St Patrick’s Day Skywatching at Sunrise

Last week I forgot to enter the linky! Doh! Never mind. Today, I’d fortunately managed to stay awake all night, hoping to see sunrise. After taking the following snap, within the few minutes it had taken me to grab an extra jumper and my coat to try a short stroll in the icy outside air to check the view further along, the sky had changed and was back to mottled grey. So here’s the very brief moment I enjoyed with some sunlight breaking through:

sunrise in Nottingham UK 17th March 2017

view from my back yard, Nottingham UK, 6:20am 17th March 2017


Linking to the Skyley blogspot SkywatchFriday event, making sure to go to this week’s in-linkz next with apologies for missing the last week’s in-linkz action with my last post.

4 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day Skywatching at Sunrise

    • Thank you for visiting. I left comment at your blog but seems to have disappeared into the ether. Awesome effect on those moonshots and your rock formation photos for last week’s post were a privelege to see too. Thank you again and Happy St. Patrick’s Day yo you too.


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