While unearthing my discontent

Not quite a reader request, but I meant to make that post about my dislike of LinkedIn. Not that I have a LinkedIn account. It doesn’t seem a very professional platform to me. I’m not a professional and have no professional qualification. My complementary health and community work qualifications, although quite rigorous training, are not enough to be able to practise in the field of holistic or complementary healthcare or therapies. There are a lot of unqualified poorly-trained therapy practitioners since the implementation of the Chronic Fatigue Strategy (C.F.S) and a few years after, the rise of the UK’s Work Programme. Apparently someone on LinkedIn might be and for all I know she’s using my name and my certificates because they were stolen from the training providers safekeeping! I have no professional qualifications other than those (although I have some of my other certificates, but they’re not professional-level qualifications, of which I have none. I could expand a post on that another day to show how some people in positions of responsibility actively prevent the acquisition of qualification for those of us in the lower social class – but I get fed up writing about me all the time!

You don’t actually need educational qualifications if you have proficiency in art or craft type subjects but you do need stamina, reliability, efficiency and sustainability to make any kind of a living.

To make my living honestly and decently i will not be likely to be using LinkedIn. Because professionalism is important to me. Using people as ‘network connections’ is an elitist methodology for getting away with an easy life, scrounging, scamming funding like it’s some prize swag-bag and being paid too much for next to nothing – is how it seems, as an outsider. So, i don’t wanna go there!

Just yesterday i found an email notification in one of my main email accounts in the spam folder. It referred to an alleged reply I’d sent to a particular LinkedIn account holder of whom I have no knowledge or association. I tried moving it to my inbox to view it but it disappeared. I’d taken a screenshot of the notification, because that shouldn’t be possible for someone else to reply to LinkedIn messages using my email addresses. I also hopped over to Linked In to complain about my email being used by it’s site and to check out the potential fraudster who has now perhaps added an extra ‘L’ to my real/her false name to now match the mis-spelling on what might be MY training certificates that she’s maybe using in her so-called professional practise. Y’know, if she changed her name to match stolen certificates then that’s serious fraud. Anyone with knowledge of your existence and your name cannot legally change their name to yours. (UK Law). But I can never get service from the police in the event of crimes occurring against me. You never get to hear any result of having reported online fraud potentials so how do you ever know if matters are resolved.

When I am – or IF I ever am, cos there are a lot of big IFs to sort out first – but WHEN I’m professionally active, I don’t think I have any confidence whatsoever in that particular platform as a professional resource. I don’t want to be LinkedIn with criminals. I don’t like non-public arenas, they don’t feel safe. If you were practising anything professionally whyever would you not want a member of the public to be able to check your profile? I prefer the safety of the outside world. No way I’m going behind closed doors with the farcical shoddy so-called professional standards that allow fraud, identity theft, scamming, false representation, elitism and ethical failures.

So, don’t expect to find me on LinkedIn anytime soon, and beware imitations (tho I have Twitter-ed and my muddled Facebook use to fall flat on it with in the meantime! and of course that stringy G-thing I dunno how to make use of yet! I had another one once upon a time without the CB attached (2009), but dunno how I retrieve use of that now or if google gave it away to some bogus impostor with the help of my ex’s family and associates while they were crowding the house next door and potentially using my wifi with his permission to obtain a takeover! I had no idea some Notts cityslickers who’d call themselves friends  could be such shoddy shithead scoundrels but very sadly, they has been. Guess that’s why they call ’em all gravy-training and maybe I should’ve known better than ever to blow in on the wind to a place called Nothingham.

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