a Muse for this Map thing?

I struggle with the concept of  ‘muse’ and I don’t believe in having one. I dislike the word as verb or noun. I’m not sure why. Maybe thinking about ‘musing’ in relation to the topic of maps and ‘mapping’ took over and became a stumbling block.

I spent time reading some blogposts to catch-up with postponed visits until very late in the day when I finally did a little reading from the #everydayinspiration resource page and diverted briefly to other cartographic places of infospiration.

I failed to stay awake for a livestream I’d hoped to attend and so my journey ended in apparent failing. Maybe I just needed diffuse thinking time.

I completely failed to post anything other than comments left while reading yesterday.  If I start by trying to post I often fail to read much elsewhere. If I start by trying to read I might probably fail to post. That’s how it’s seemed moreso lately than before but last autumn’s new infectious onset following spring’s drains and strains of bereavement really set my journey back and the lingering after-effects are no fun at all.

Still, I should be long since used to this Rollercoaster Ride on the Road to Nowhere by this old age. And I know I’m not alone.


Yesterday morning I decided I should start every day with a non-dominant hand excercise to rewire my ailing brain so this half-page shown is ex#2 [and photo#2 of my (same) doodle because the ether ate the previous photo I uploaded and I decided to show this one instead.]

I considered mapping my daylong avoidance of the ‘map as muse’ task(#17) but that would make a post more alike the ‘recreate a day’ number… so i might save that for a future post. Although in a way, that’s what I’ve just completed, only differently. Gawd! I’m always contradicting myself, words are so darned inconvenient!

NB: blog theme change to a responsive theme is an urgent priority and underway soon…


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