Theoretically, all around the world we experienced equality of time in daylight and darkness yesterday. It still feels like the wrong day for Equinox on 20th, but apparently the last one occurring on 21st March was in 2007 and there won’t be another until the 22nd century. It rained into mid-afternoon and was so overcast that it was necessary to have the light on until about 2:15pm when the sun ‘came out’ and the skies were an amazing summer blue again right through to twilight.

Theoretically, I would have been writing a post using either a series of anecdotes or vignettes for the #everydayinspiration task but I’ve not been in the right mindset for organising formal writing (and often am not).

Theoretically, I could just skip the task and enjoy some Springtime instead…


My doodle for yesterday’s Equinox with this onscreen chinese dragon seen at http://earthsky.org/human-world/a-chinese-perspective-on-the-spring-equinox


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