In completion

To quote Daman Albarn of Blur, etc. “Whenever you’re writing something that’s reflective, you have to put yourself through some sort of ordeal just to understand the way you’re feeling.”

So has BloggingU’s Finding Everyday Inspiration been an ordeal? Is that what I’m saying here? Yes and no. Perhaps. Forcing myself to blog to a daily schedule (a) clearly hasn’t quite been possible although I’m only a day behind ‘wrapping up’ and (b) feels quite punishing with such low energy and easy exhaustion and (c) I always think I should have managed something better in the time.

On the one hand, it’s seemed really quiet in the reader for the #everydayinspiration tag and on the other hand, reading has been quite wearing. Some of my commenting has been quite clumsy – that’s if it’s been possible to comment at all. I’d avoided reading responses ahead of where I was at in the task schedule so missed a lot of participants stuff along the way that I’ve not yet got back to read. I’ve also noticed in blogs I follow that a lot of bloggers completed this in past months while I was mostly away from blogging. So I’d like to get back and read some of those older posts – and also to look back over my own from when I did this in September 2015 and compare.

There are some fantastic blogging writers still completing this ‘challenge’ (as many seem to be calling it) and I’ll try and keep up with reading ongoing responses along the way too. I might tell you about some of the great posts I’ve been reading in a round up tomorrow, over virtual coffee. I didn’t do the virtual coffee post in the standard way so I really should re-do that task.

I won’t say that I’d prefer it to be how it was previously with the Commons forum site, because participating there in the past was always hugely draining too – and sometimes equally quiet.

I guess it’s been good practise. I especially enjoyed making the collaborative post and thanks again to Sarah for responding to my questions. That’s a way of posting that I might like to explore and practise some more. There’s plenty of resource (re)reading and ways of using the task prompts that I’ve not delved into yet and lots of those ways of finding inspiration can be repeated to generate post ideas.

I had hoped to try the poetry (again) next, as I didn’t do that properly last time. However, it can wait until later sometime. I’ve got no further with ‘intermediate customisation’ than day 1’s exploring themes -although I set out to take that on the slow rather than as a daily push. I should get back to some of that customising workload -all my blogs are in need of some revitalisation (me too, hoping it rubs off!) and I might get round to the planned theme change here, sometime TOMORROW!*

So, it’s another new beginning, hopefully, and not quite ‘the END’.

*So much for changing the theme here… rethinking on this (current theme has been discontinued, I was going to switch to it on one of my other blogs, now if I switch I won’t be able to get it again and I really like it. Selfishly and self-indulgently perhaps, as it’s not responsive…maybe time to consider planB or C…

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