Skywatching around sunrise

A very short stroll along the street in time for a 6am Skywatch to take these snaps, above. (I didn’t mean to not sleep to be up in time again!) Although the sky was clear and bright the air was crisp and bitterly cold.

The photos below were taken around 06:15 – 06:30am from my back garden – I don’t recall ever seeing an atmospheric effect or cloud quite like it. Maybe I’ve not paid enough attention regularly enough, although I must have countless photos of the skyline from my yard at various times during the last five years.

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It’s been a beautiful sunny day here so far, although I slept for some it for a while. No photos since those above as my camera slipped to an inaccessible recess(!), my phone’s out of memory and won’t let me back up my card other than individual files by bluetooth, so I’m slacking – and I’m waiting for my tablet to recharge.

I haven’t checked the news yet – yesterday there was (BBC) news of how ‘new’ clouds have been categorised in a cloud atlas that will be made accessible to the public online and also stating that aeroplanes are leaving unusual vapour trails that may last for several hours. Somehow. Not that the British public can rely on our UK news providers, particularly those steered by government.

So, hopefully the skies atmospheric effects around sunrise were only a natural phenomena and not some dreadful tyranny of western governments against foreign nations in lip-service to defence. I guess I just worry too much and over-think things huh!…

Peace and Love in our lifetimes and one whole century of civilised global existence by this day and age of so-called enlightened and intelligent societies would be nice to ensure if there were ever such a possibility.

Hopefully happy and safe Skywatching! Linking to the Skyley blogspot SkywatchFriday event.


2 thoughts on “Skywatching around sunrise

  1. Two ..
    Back to the southern job. Did get one post up just not up on linking when traveling. So much to learn. Micro card on my list to get
    Many goat pix to share soon. Just checking in lol.


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