4 thoughts on “Late this summer- snail and sky, earlier in June caught a butterfly

    • There are lots of different sets of rules for varying forms. I like the form that says as well as making a complete statement, line 1+2 and line 2+3 should also make two separate complete phrases/sentences. It took me years and years to grasp the notion of haiku as poetry. My youngest got the hang of them in school around 8 years old when they wete force fed them in English lessons as the teacher couldn’t tesch proper poetry! Our kids have been blighted with poorly qualified teaching staff who only need a 1yr post grad education certificate to teach under11s and maybe only an adult education certificate to teach teens. Still those overinflated overpaid twerps blame families and parents while bleeding the system dry and ticking at bogus boxes making it look like they work fine while creating more and more generational disadvantage. Oops it’s Monday, i strayed off topic there, griping – must be the wash day blues 🙂


  1. Oh dear I thought I posted here and there but struggling to get back to full form. Messed up in my moocs and not completed the poetry, still lagging behind. Doh! Never mind. I have a little things test blog to build up with at https://swishing6thmarch.wordpress.com/ (the url is not a message it was the day I created the blog and is a special day in my own life!) That individual blog is for very short poems and clutter-free skylining photoposts and however else it might turn out. still learning, still practising, getting there eventually! Best wishes 🙂

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