Lingering ~ September so far #skywatch

Stating the obvious I’m still dragging myself back to rights during ongoing lull. Trying to get back to a regular posting habit but so easily distracted and the days disappear to the void that simply is, as is.

I finally got round to joining in again at the #SkywatchFriday event but decided to revive my blogspot space and posted from there. There’s loads of great snaps shared over at the linky for that event but not many documenting the skies from the actual day so looking out for an alternative as more interested in the environmental atmospheric record than the photographic aesthetics/digital enhancements – although I always enjoy perusing the variety of images shared by event participants. I still don’t find it as intuitive as blogging with WordPress and still struggling with commenting over there but never mind. Often it’s prohibitive overtight discussion settings that inhibit community interactions and a lot of webbing/blog creators don’t actually seem to want community interaction while promoting their ‘professional’ activity online. Never mind.

With the ways of the world these days it’s no wonder the seasons seem confused and confusing. I didn’t get round to reading much enough about last year’s ‘supermoon’ and totally avoided the doomsayer articles with all those scary headlines but gravitational forces still seem disrupted and who knows what the truths might be around the extreme weathers and various political conflicts all taking their toll.

Nature will always win over the vile behaviours of mankind and so rooting with the day to day and paying little mind to the evil propogandas being purported by one particular weird little man who (a)got too big for his boots and (b)shoulda stuck to tweeting the day away between a round of golf or four and (c) remains (sh!!)nameless though for obvious reason, although it never stopped me before.

So, a round-up gallery of some pics from this September’s skywatching, beginning 13th September after a 3 or 4 week-plus gap devoid of snapping anything while otherwise occupied/distracted/whatever:

All photos taken by me with my becoming obsolete 2011 camera not yet due for replacement. The time and date stamps on the photofiles are an accurate record.

Apparently the Vernal Equinox was due at around 9pm local time, but typically I slept through and felt as though I missed nothing in particular. Please correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

Hopefully this Autumn will be a peaceable time of recovery and hope for the future, ready to roll with the winter festivals of Light and the Season of Goodwill to all mankind…






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