Writing from prompts (1)

Prompt #24  (Something you miss)


I’ve been missing writing from prompts…

This prompt is from a borrowed list of prompts, seen over at Kelly’s blog in past times and having revisited recently was inspired to take up this particular prompt. I was aiming to post a list of prompts borrowed from elsewhere (as challenged by an offline acquaintance), but will make that my next post.

I’ve not seen Kelly around for ages, I’m hoping she’s ok. It’s not unusual for people to drop the blogging habit for months (or more) at a time, so trying not worry about individuals encountered during bloggingU times when they don’t show up again for ages. I’m sure I’m not the only one noting absences now and then. Maybe it’s the timing of posts ceasing that causes concern and hopefully there’s nothing to be concerned about. I’ve been absent from blogging for months at a time myself along the way. 

Something I miss? It’s difficult to narrow a response down to one thing and one thing only. I could adapt the prompt and make it some things I miss…

I miss the better days of WordPress. I miss not harping on about how ‘improvements’ ruin everything that was good about things (generally incurred everywhere, not just the blogging environment).

I miss not being aware of the American takeover of English language. I only noticed just now that in my dashboard settings ‘EN’ language is American – I’ve been spitting feathers at the spell-check for ages in post editor view wondering why it does that American spelling thing.

So on my own main blog I’ve finally found to reset my language to UK-EN instead of EN. Here, I’m leaving it at EN for my American co-blogger(s) – and as the one place I’d like to see the difference while I’m writing my English, even though I fail to adopt American spellings because I am an English writer. I mean, I’m a writer of English. I’m not a writer of American English.

Misleading language description should be another Trade Descriptions Act issue for businesses operating in the UK. Although of course it’s a global online environment. Even if the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries publishers ‘agreed’ to adopt American and drop English, I can’t imagine most Brits going for compliance with that nonsense nor anyone much bothering to buy their products. Most people already don’t.

I miss honest promotional and service user information and appropriate descriptors for services. Cultural differences might be the issue to hand. Eg. the free plan at this blogging platform is suitable for individual personal use/amateurs learning the ropes, but isn’t that good for students who are then unable to access their draft revisions and see who’s following their blog (although you’re unable to see who bookmarks your site in their browser instead so…) And surely most students would need the extra media space and gallery use that the Personal Plan offers. It’s actually reasonable value for money, quite cheap if only keeping one blog and most students are actually better off than most other people and it seems quite a myth suggesting ‘students are poor’ even if they do need to take loans to live until they have the advantages that qualifications offer.

The Personal Premium Plan is best for personal use where full functionality is desirable. It should not imply professional use. It makes amateurs like me, rehabilitating and attempting skills development during the process, it makes me feel like I don’t ‘belong’ with that plan as a personal use non-commercial blogger. And if you’re trying to learn the technology using this facility you do need the full kit. The business plan is clearly best for professionals seeking financial return from their website/blogging activity. At least it was until they changed it. Most people in Britain probably don’t and will not use PayPal. ‘Simple payments’ are not simple and for many in my country it’s a non-viable monetary exchange system. The business plan appeared much better before the changes. It’s getting confusing out there. At least that’s how I’m finding it, but I am getting older and clearly ‘set in my ways’.

I miss not being able to read more. Would I rush over to the TDA and check it out? I’d probably be more keen to catch up reading at all those blogs I couldn’t resist following but not keeping up with. But it’s something that needs to be learnt if aiming to practise any kind of commercial activity in the UK and I’m led to believe it’s complicated and covers a lot of ground.

If ever in my lifetime in Britain it’s agreed to standardise business correspondence to American language use, wherever possible I’ll put my money where my mouth is and end my custom. It’s a stupid idea. At least an equally large number of world populous has learnt English (British English) rather than American (AmEn: American English). I’m ignorant of the statistical data for that issue and no mind to go off looking for any.

Besides, statistical data is often false representation, eg. suggesting that words are in common use based on the number of online dictionary searches for words – although they do then tend to reappear eg. ubiquitous. ‘You be quitters’ resounding with that word. I’ve had to search time and again for the meaning of that particular word and wonder if the repeat searches count toward that data set every time, inflating it. I miss being able to retain information enough to not need to repeat such searches for meaning.

I miss functionality in my other spaces. All kinds of information previously accessible is now denied on any free blog plan. Post revision data and access to previous versions is gone. Ability to see what other blogs are following your blog appears to be gone. I’d have thought crucial for personal blogging and it was previously available to all. I almost wish I hadn’t paid in at all if such things were to be removed but I guess it’s to generate potential revenue. And if you didn’t know it was ever there you wouldn’t miss it perhaps. I guess it could be an issue similar to the one outlined below, in penalisation for income deprivation. As in, if ‘the authorities’ suggest turnover would be greater if XYZ… and so demand from business(es) in lieu of projected revenue expectations.

I miss the ‘original’ personal hobbyist blogging community. It seems everyone and his cat is converting to commercial blogging. Although I’m aware that in parts of the world there were always those purporting to make a decent living from blogging and blog type website creation. There’s a wealth of copy writing out there, similar information rephrased and regurgitated. There’s vast troves of articles appearing to be based on bloggingU type stuff. I miss my search engine delivering relevant results sometimes not even finding a relevant return in the thirty pages available and wonder why it’s no longer possible to see all results, however many hundreds of pages it might turn out. I need a proper search engine, the big player’s no longer reliable. Geez? Jeez!?

I was interested in a recent challenge put out to readers of a blogging neighbour, although I knew the timescale and level of challenge was an issue. Then I realised that because their blogging now has a commercial, professional focus and is no longer personal blogging (although at the same time it remains a personal blogging experience for the reader), but anyone providing content for another individual who’ll be using that content for professional purpose could find themselves destitute as a result.

Participation in blog events hosted by commercial/professional blogging community could result in an assumption of depriving oneself of income by not charging for a creative service and removal of any welfare top-ups including those to subsidise housing costs. And there’s quite a percentage of the British population dependent on some kind of welfare subsidy. Meanwhile, anyone with earnings or savings enough can earn as much pin-money or side-hustling returns and not even pay tax on it. So it feels like most of the human blogging population are at risk of being pushed off the edge of a virtual cliff one way or another along the way of the world changing as it has/is.

I miss not being able to stick to a short and punchy post that I might have intended when i set out to write a response to an urgency to write something here or there. Did I ever manage to do that anywhere ever I wonder.

I miss not having so many ‘bugBare’ moments but can’t stop myself sharing them once on the page.

I miss blogging not being such a minefield, and I almost miss never having picked up the blogging habit at all.

Is there something you miss? (or a blog you’ve not seen active and thus someone you miss) Feel free to leave a comment and/or a link to your blog post on the topic.

If I take up any of the other prompts from the borrowed set I detailed at the opening of this post, then I’ll link back to this post rather than repeat linking to Kelly’s blogpost while it’s been quiet there for so long.

3 thoughts on “Writing from prompts (1)

  1. we see you wrote, it seems everyone and his cat is …… well we miss having a cat lol. And walking in the room and boom there’s the internet waiting with a chair at a computer that works ,,,,,,those were the days!


  2. Um, under My Site, stats at the top is this “Traffic Insights Days Weeks Months Years Followers 161 ” well all in one line across the top and Followers is a link I can CLICK on that word and it brings up the 161 blogs following mine. Hope that helped.

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