#May-be-A-B (Alphabetical Blogging – A is for Announcement and…)

I skipped out here while blogging with the April 2018 A to Z Challenge over at my blog, the Wishing Well. It was a busy time and isn’t quite over yet with reflections post due on 7th and road-tripping to enjoy. I’ll be hopefully continuing aspects of my project started there in the longer term too.

Nice to see SarahC dropped in during the month. I must give a shout out here to Sarah’s Abc prompts post – an inviting list over at her blog! I’m loving the sci-fi edge to those prompts. I’ll give them a try, one by one, not likely to be daily writing mind and not sure what one of my blogging spaces might be a best fit for that while I’m still alphab’blogging all over the place.

Here’s where #May-be-A-B comes into play, as I’ll link my personal posts here and invite you to do the same if you wish. There’s no deadline, no pressure and the rules are as flexible as you (or I) need them to be. Setting your goal(s) in your first post would be helpful for readers to let them know if you’re aiming for posting to a schedule or totally sporadic as and when. If you want to only write an alphabetical sentence or list and leave it that, that’s fine too and you can do so here at the letter A – or any later post you feel is more fitting if you prefer.

My posts here will be daily with at least a short random something or another to hold a link-up space for each letter. I’m not planning a rest day but as there are five spare days in the month, don’t be surprised if I miss a day unannounced, I’ll be back asap. (It would be a good idea to schedule these ahead and when I can I will!)

Well the skies the limit as far as alphabetical blogging might take us. I doodled a coaster style post marker this morning to add to these posts before the skies had brightened and you can see that in the lower section of this post. The letter badge below is an amateur mash-up from a portion of one of today’s skywatching photos. (Udated with improved version, all letter tile badges can now be found at the next post for the letter B.) You’re not obliged to use these images for your posts but may do so if you wish. Head in the clouds with today’s letter A then…

For SwishingUp here, I wrote a list this morning that might be read as a sentence for today’s post for A… I’d wondered on using them as prompts for creative writing, then i saw Sarah’s list and most likely prefer those, or maybe I can combine the two… we’ll see… and I find we had two two words the same, for Q and X, although I suppose that’s not all that surprising.


An alphabetical list 




























So, if you’re not worn out from April’s happenings nor fed up to the hilt with the alphabet, maybe you’ll blog along and leave your link(s) along the way.

A quick mention to another A to Z blogger who’s also continuing with an alphabetical blogging challenge this month, with a 31 day schedule of travel-inspired prompts and you can read all about it at http://buttontapper.com/writing-challenges/buttontapper-challenge/  (no association, I just started reading there last week).


23 thoughts on “#May-be-A-B (Alphabetical Blogging – A is for Announcement and…)

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  15. not sure where i will do this , here, or which of my two blogs, or share here……the “#May-be-A-B (Alphabetical Blogging)”, Are you posting here, or am i blind and missed what you said!? sorry, time crunch on library. Will check comments response later.

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  17. with my cracked up kindle fire, i may try short poemizing perhaps, or some something, thanks for the mention, been so many places in April sorta forgot I popped round HERE as well 🙂 / glad you caught it. I hopped round to your Skywatch, neato as well.

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