#May-be-A-B (B is for Badges)


My post today is simply bringing all 26 letter tile badges for the challenge to one place and re-issue a blog challenge / link-up invitation. You are free to use the letter tile badges  if you wish (but please pingback from your post – non Word Press users, please leave your link in the comments). If you didn’t see the announcement post yesterday with the flexibly structured challenge rules then you might find that post useful. I’d better repeat here that it’s an open time-frame challenge, not necessarily a daily on the dot of the day thing.

So, right-click to save the images if you wish to use them (they’re all the same size).

The alphabet’s worth of letter badges:

By the way, if you previously completed April’s A to Z Challenge you are welcome to add your link to this month’s posts for each day’s letter. I can’t promise to be able to read them all swiftly, but will do my best to get round to you if I’ve not already visited – and others visitors might see your links here and be interested. Please say something about your post if possible to inform and tempt the reader over to your blog. (I hope that’s ok with the official April A to Z Team, I expect it should be as it’s only a link-up invite – and of course the Team are invited too.)

And if you fell by the wayside during April’s official AtoZ or the #BlogchatterA2Z and would like to pick up where you left off and complete your alphabetical blogging project in the company of others, then you’re welcome to join in too. (Someone I know might eventually come back to their attempt left behind in 2015!)

Back tomorrow with something for the letter C. Bye for now.


17 thoughts on “#May-be-A-B (B is for Badges)

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  12. finally dawned on me sitting at library computer, i can do this when online here, badges, D is perhaps for Distraction, or maybe i shall Dance over to the website and DATA_UP!!

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