#May-be-A-B (C is for Can you guess?)


Actually, a couple of ‘can you guess’ items and an extra challenge opportunity for today’s post for the letter ‘C’… get yourself comfy and collect complimentary virtual coffee, cookies and cake or crackers and cheese if you prefer – maybe chicken and corn or a cascade of crudités (imagination needed while there’s no images here for any of those).

The first ‘can you guess’ is an anagram type challenge, this phrase, TEN MAC CIRCUS can be unscrambled to make one word. What’s the word?

If that’s too easy, how about continuation with a chance operation element in a couple of easy steps:

  1. Take a coin and flip it. If it’s heads set a timer for 5 minutes, if it’s tails set a timer for ten minutes. Then make as many words as you can from that challenge phrase/solution.
  2. Flip a coin again. Set a timer for 5 minutes if it lands heads up, or 10 minutes for tails. Aim to include every word from the list you made within your time limit to make a piece of creative writing, or poetry in rhyming couplets.

The second is a photo I posted earlier this week at one of my personal blogs, The Wishing Well. I’ll add it here to save you the extra hop. What do you see? Can you guess what this image is?


Cutting to the quick, it’s time to close this post for today’s letter C.

Do you use chance operations or cryptic clues and solutions to cultivate creativity? Or maybe you post photos that require some guesswork from the viewer? Comments are welcome, as are links and pingbacks if you’re taking part in #May-be-A-B or this posts extra challenge. Coming next… a D post!

14 thoughts on “#May-be-A-B (C is for Can you guess?)

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