#May-be-A-B (G is for Garden Paths)

 Monday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK so I gave myself the day off.

While usually we’d be certain to have rain and grim weather it’s been sizzling hot sunshine all weekend. The air has been filled with the smells of barbecue grills, sounds of gathering people, groovy tunes and the noises of gardening equipment as neighbours got busy trimming lawns and hedges and enjoying the good weather.

The garden is an often used analogy for creativity and I might have written about that, but while going through my old photos I found myself grappling with the idea of writing about being led up the garden path, although I’m not going to do that here, I’m simply going to leave this prompt …

When you were led up (or down) the garden path… 

my garden path, summer 2007

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10 thoughts on “#May-be-A-B (G is for Garden Paths)

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  9. Nope no garden, we are mowing with a human powered mower literally now, the gas one crapped, and bosslady not replace yet. Warm, dry, so not so bad so far. Nope no garden, sigh….

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