May-be-A-B (J is for Juncture)

Re-joining here after a gap, juncture seems an appropriate choice for the letter J, meaning point in time, or joining point (junction)… my dictionary also suggests it means a crisis point… I’m not previously familiar with that particular context so I’m jostling with that idea.

Other than just that, at this juncture, words are failing me, I’m lost for words.

Maybe the previous post being ‘ineffable’ became contagious, has jarred the flow and jammed the lines.

Jollying along then to the next post with the letter K…


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7 thoughts on “May-be-A-B (J is for Juncture)

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  7. I keep forgetting now that i ‘finished’ my alfa-bet, to use the letter over and over like jostle, jolly, junk or Joyous Jubilation lol Oh well glad to see you posting here, I never got my links moved, maybe next trip, dunno 😀 cheers (not Jeers no no J)


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