May-be-A-B (K is for Keep)

maybeAB~-~K Keep up… Keep faith… keep going…

In keeping with…

“My home is my castle, my castle and my keep”

… Who said that and is it ‘a need to know’…

Earning one’s keep…

‘Keeping stum’ rhymes with ‘keeping mum’ and they kinda mean the same thing…

Keeping fit … I wish I could …

Keep your chin up 🙂

Keepsake(s) was my planned word for today, but a four letter word is sometimes more appropriate. Keepsake is a future prompt for my to-do-list.

I’ll keep thinking on keep and keepsakes – and some interesting and unusual things I/we might have in safe-keeping… and should I/we keep keeping them…

Keep it in mind.

Can you think of any sayings around the word ‘keep’?

I wrote this quickly, off the top of my head, and wonder how many more ‘keep’ sayings I missed along the way of making this post. Maybe you’ll add one or two, or link a post to this theme.

Apologies for the recent service interruption dear reader(s) and for breaking the planned schedule, although flexibility for #May-be-A-B challenges was always key …

Back sometime later with a post for the letter L …  and wishing Love and Light for all, especially those affected by #Kilauea and any of the other worldly disasters and crises going on right now.

The Daily Post prompt for today, by the way, is ‘Broken’ and tomorrow the world of the Daily Post Daily Prompt grinds to a halt as per this recent announcement – but that world doesn’t end as there’s a treasure trove of archival prompts and previously discontinued weekly writing challenges that many of us haven’t ever tried yet and can still access, so keep going, our world isn’t truly broken, is it?



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9 thoughts on “May-be-A-B (K is for Keep)

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  6. And thanku for posting this link re the daily post ….sheesh peepa are wining about it good grief…create our own, search out others doing lists… Use hashtag or Tags an you find promptmash around! Ok just had to say all that! Keep on keeping on!


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