May-be-A-B (L is for Languish)

maybeAB~-~L Languishing in another unplanned blogging gap is where I’ve been at but I’ll spare you the long lamenting list of reasons why.

Languishing, pondering the similarity in sound of languish and language, my mind has been keeping busy with thoughts filled with word play and plays on meaning.

Looking for meanings of words and phrases online often raises anomalies of language use that can be assumed due to academic fallacies and local deviations and differences.

For instance, ‘collywobbles’ is stated to refer to colicky discomfort, but the word colly derives from colliery (and can also be spelt collie). The collybird is a blackbird, black as coal (and I wonder if there’s another association with the colliery… another something to look into later). So collywobbles can refer to queeziness, but also originally (in Old English) to light-headed giddiness – and so in turn links loosely to the colicky interpretation of the word.

Long ago, when I was a little girl, Coleewobbles* was my Dad’s nickname for me! It wasn’t because I had tummy troubles but because I was always dizzy and so staggered and wobbled and often fell over, beyond the learning to walk stage when that would be likely normal enough. *I’ve never seen my childhood nickname written down but assume it to be spelt using the spelling from my name (Colette).

Lastly, a quick mention that I’ll be limping back soon with an offering for the letter ‘M’. #May-be-A-B is taking longer to get around to than I would have liked, but better late than never, so see you again later, hopefully!


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9 thoughts on “May-be-A-B (L is for Languish)

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  3. Saw a deer down our lane…wooded property at apartment….. Er kinda foggy brain this week here heat and missed sleep… Nice to see ya writing,my draft didn’t connect to my rainbow PIC so I just on strike! Lol

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    • I tend to have very low temperature so until it gets really hot it’s not too bad – and nice to only need one layer of clothing – but it has been too hot for what seems like ages! Cooler at night though and awake at odd hours so ventilating the house then helps. Siestas most days and sleeping through much of the sizzling sunshine! My dog tends to do that too. And she goes nuts barking whenever wildlife approaches in the woods at the back, foxes mainly I think, so I mustn’t sleep through her barking while she wakes half the street! Looks like a lot of the world is having a superhot season too … hope the weather’s being kind in your locale…

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    • Alas or at last?? Lol. Nice to see you Sarah, sorry I’ve been away so long again! I’ve a tab open at your blog to catch up with you there, but distrated a moment changing my header at swishing4th and updating about page, got a poem somewhere to post there or J but can I find it, along with my Boats and Com unit Confusion draft for the other one. Oops, muddling again as you see… or rather you don’t see, because I’ve been muddling … never mind… but sorry for dillydallying!

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