May-be-A-B (O is for Oh nO! O poo!)

 Obviously I’ve been missing in action again

and seems while outasorts an’hence away

meh classic dashboard WordPress looks set to maybe change?

Oh no! O’p00 what an’orrible t’do

cos my classix the option i usually choose!

I paid in me money, and it’s a kick in the ‘ead…

oh please can’t you switch it (gutenberg) to that awful ‘new improved editor’ instead ?!?

Or will it better? Offering a nice dark screen?

Is this carryOn complaining obstinate obstructive and obscene?

‘Opefully it’s not ready for a very long long time

And I’ll get my blogs together and maybe leave them all behind.


Oh don’t count on IT… but if i can’t use it i gotta lose it – the NIE is painfully blinding even on lowest possible screen brightness cos manufacturers and developers are either totally deliberately cruel or just plain fluffin’ stupid! Convergence means adapting to human user demands NOT vice versa! FFS! I got in O.U.1995 info off course, a couple of years behind learning that as a little foundational knowledge & understanding and didn’t complete for qualification but what the helll…

( OPINING … CONVERGENCE… OPINION may seem OUTDATED and clearly OUTMODED but for OPTIMAL client satisfaction providers don’t get a choice – consumers vote with their pocket, put their money where their mouth is and if you don’t OPT-in, your client OPTS-OUT.)

Obviously, not being  a business customer carries less clout but what a wtf stupid idea removing ‘classic’ is! I don’t want to risk trying a beta version in case there’s no getting back my main access classic creator…uh-Oh! Ouch!

Post number 15, not the ‘something nicer’ I’d been planning … until next time …


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