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Thanks to Sarah for dropping back in and guest posting 🙂 It’s lovely to have some company and be able to see how these themes work. For a group blog, this theme is only ideal if guestposting /group members prefer a quiet homepage list and only a tag option of identifying post author in that list – name shows quietly in the post view.


1st March 2017 – all change!

I’m trying a new theme, (although I still like the P2 theme and might kind of miss it and have chosen a similarly clunky-ish one, kind of anti-swish perhaps!). I’m leaving it as is for the month now while taking the #everydayinspiration course again via email solely from here (and trying to keep things neater and less scatterbrained this time!)

Previous group author access has been withdrawn, at least temporarily, as per recent notice. While I’m tidying up I’ve made some (of my) posts and pages to private view, especially recent fever-ridden rants(!) they may reappear in original or edited form along the way.


Update:27/01/2017 ~ as it’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, related articles are switched off for inappropriate content auto-display. [reset after!]

Title headlines for ‘forum-type’ discussion openers and using the comment field provides a nicer area to make your point perhaps? [general category for forum discussion category = ‘ticker’…


update: 17th January, 2017

Good news! Our group blog is now on the Personal Plan, no monetisation, not-for-profit co-learning community



This blog is the venue for a small early-stage collaborative writing group. Although writing101 has finished this week, (02/10/2015) writing 201:Poetry starts next week, so among and with other things we’ll still be very busy. Progress here may seem slow for a while, but we’re probably in the back where it’s even quieter, or at our own blogs, still busy writing …


If you’ve just completed writing101 and would like to try out a guest author post at this blog via your own dashboard then please get in touch.

There are limited opportunities as an invited author (or contributor if you prefer) to join in this writing project. If interested, please use the contact form or contact me /us via the commons while it’s still open. You can also find me on twitter via #BUw101.

2 thoughts on “About / Updates

  1. Do theme developers also remove allowing comments and pingback selections? or site was breeched by a troll? System knows everything! System please sort it – maybe has already with deletion of one trolls WPblog! P’raps she has an army of trolls! P’raps she landed on a chute in my hood and causing all these extra problems for me in real life too! P’raps she believes she is right to be so wrong while so wronging others! P’raps I am being overanxious – it’s only a lot of fookin’ admin work and this is fuckin’ native English and we all hears it every day of every week of every year and it means ‘folk’! It’s how you pronounce ‘Norfolk’ and ‘Suffolk’ with a good, strong ‘Fuck!’ +OFF! (just for a coffee, back later to tick at boxes, all ticketyboo with less boohoo… soon… PS- this site is ‘Parental Guidance’ level, as all websites and internet use usually is, at least in England/UK.


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