Navigation Guide

NB: Page menu area is for unique content in pages and not a post category menu area.

Commenting is available so you can throw back a link to anything in relevant topics at anytime without the need to wait for a specific link-up post or invitation. That way, myself, or another reader, might hop over and check out your page/post. A bit of blurb to pitch your post rather than link-vomit or spam would be preferable bt you probably don’t need reminding of that.

Opening individual posts/pages here in this current theme (1st March, 2017 on) takes the reader to an almost full-width template without the sidebar and none of those potentially handy widgets. So, at any time while reading a post, to return to the search function or category widget or tag cloud or any other such tool, please hit the home button. I’ll try to remember to include html links for ease of use within posts along the way. Mostly, links will open in a new tab. If you have any suggestions or comments on how to maybe make navigating this site easier during your visit, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Navigation Guide

  1. Yeah – I liked the P2 theme blog style better but i quite like this for now (not seen another one yet so far as i’ve noticed anyway) and as i’m doing customisation201 on the slow i can have a play and go back to other one if i want – had a play with it a little while in forum style – didn’t realise it was so easy to use in forum style. Whatever theme it’s always widgets and menus the way everyone else uses them that i just can’t get to grips with yet. But it’ll make sense one of these days 🙂


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