Here’s a page where you can either:

(a) Leave me general feedback on anything about this site, or use my contact form if you prefer; or

(b) leave me your own link and feedback request(s)

S’up to you really – but please, if you’re non-WordPress community, ‘spamming’ to a commercial site, then please label your comment ‘COMlink’ or something that shows you are a human just out for a little human interaction and maybe an honest feedback visit request and not just chucking a can-o-spam over. I seek no reward for returning goodwill and especially do not wish for spam or any other such stuff. Cheers 🙂 PS- please be aware that if you do leave dodgy spam I might just leave it public with a warning to my readers here to avoid your link like the plague. That may seem unwise, but I’m in experimental phase 🙂


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