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Writing101 participants (September2015 group or otherwise)

As participation wained, group/blog purpose here is subject to change, ie. reverting to original intention. Blogging101/Writing101ers/BUers are still of course very welcome but bloggers requesting ‘author-level’ or ‘contributor’ access will need to be reasonably active. Expectations are that most bloggers prefer to take part in comments and aren’t interested in group blogging. This is an amateur bloggers (and potential or sometimes group) blog, for co-learning and is not intended for professional purpose either now, nor in future times. NB:That does not exclude aspiring and professional bloggers/writers from this social/community-oriented blog.

Please see latest posts, and the updated About page also.


Comments and pingbacks should be accessible to other WordPress blogging community members without waiting for moderation. In case of problems or complaints, or to raise discussion or suggestions please use the blog owner’s contact form here.


writing101 Sep2015 group notice: If you are a facebook user and interested in joining Carol’s new facebook group, the Commons link to her post is here. (Visiting public, please note that is a private site link for course subscribers only). This is the link to the Commons post I made about intellectual property safeguarding policy at this group blog (again, private site only available to subscribers to Writing101 during September 2015). A screenshot is available here.


Group authors: feel free to add notices via the comments section, linking to either your own posts here or at your own blog. If you would like Admin’s attention to a private post please link it here and include any instructions or request detail on that post in a way showing it’s not your main body text, or just as the message text (- I won’t publish it, that’s self-service!). Eg – you might like your post adding as a page, or something else. NB: your author icon and links would be added to the page to clearly show you as the author of that page. You retain copyright, may request deletion etc. at any time and as far as humanly possible your rights will be upheld by this blogs founder(s).


External visitors useful links are welcome in comments section here too but might be removed to another part of the blogs notice board system as this site develops.

Thank you for visiting.


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